We would like to establish business partnerships with companies working in the field of stone production/processing. We are looking for direct suppliers as well as companies involved in design and construction of natural stone elements. The business partnership would be based on mutual promotion and advertising of services and products. We offer attractive discounts for regular clients.

Conditions for order placement
Orders should be placed in the Sales Department, phone: 
tel. (71) 325-68-30 
tel. (71) 325-67-75
tel. (71) 669-73-73-73
tel. (71) 663-63-63-20
Between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm

Pre-payment – bank transfer
Cash during delivery

Terms of receiving ordered products
Collecting products is possible only after placing an order by phone, at a time arranged with the Sales Department – phone:
tel. (71) 325-68-30 
tel. (71) 325-67-75
tel. (71) 669-73-73-73
tel. (71) 663-63-63-20
Between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm

We do not offer transport services Collecting products is only possible with vehicles design for transporting pallets, bags and appropriate for loading stone products in bulk. We would like to inform you that raw stone is mainly a block-shaped material, with sharp edges and of considerable size. Keeping this in mind, we ask you to arrange for appropriate transport.


We hope that you will find our offer interesting, not only on the basis of the quality of our products, but the prices as well. It is also possible to prepare the stone in other forms, not listed here, according to the client’s needs. In case of any uncertainties or questions, feel free to contact us via phone or mail. We will gladly provide more information regarding our products.

Basic information
Contact person:

Should you require a VAT invoice, please provide the following details
Name of the company:   NIP (Tax identification number):
Town/City:   Post code:
Street:   House/flat no.:

Stone- bulk:
Stone- bulk- small: ton
Stone- bulk- medium: ton
Slate chippings: ton
Slates / blocks: ton
Stairs: ton
Stone- slated
Raw stone- fine: ton
Raw stone- medium: ton
Block wall stone: ton
Wall stones - small: ton
Antique cobblestone: ton
Wall stone: ton
Path stone: ton
Facade stone: ton
Large-slate stone: ton
Garden curbs: ton
Stone- cut
Stone- cut on 1 side: ton
Stone- cut on two sides: ton
Edgings: ton
Facade stone, cut on four sides: ton
Path stone- cut on four sides: ton
EKO Facade: ton